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Maker Activity


Par for the Course!
Using objects from around your home, turn your backyard or local park into an obstacle course!

Hands on!

  • Chairs or tables
  • Hula hoops, old tires, or ladder
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Garden hose, jump rope, or yarn
  • Broomstick, yardstick, or stick from tree
  • Cones or 2-liters filled with water
  • Pool noodles, paper towel rolls, or rolled up towels
  • Large cardboard box
  • Bicycle, tricycle, or scooter
  • See what other items you can use from around your home, backyard, or in the park!
  • Optional: a stopwatch to keep track of your course times

Determine a start and finish line for your obstacle course. Using household objects, set up 4-6 obstacles, one after another, around your yard or other open space. If possible, space obstacles 10-15 feet apart from each other. Here are some suggested obstacles:

Place a broomstick across two chairs
Position a table
Open the ends of a large cardboard box to create a tube

HIGH KNEE LIFT (step quickly into and out of objects):
Position hula hoops or tires on the ground in a straight line or zig-zag
Place a ladder on the ground
Draw circles on the sidewalk

WALK THE TIGHTROPE (try not to step off!):
Straighten out a garden hose, jump rope, or yarn

HURDLES (leap over each one):
Position several pool noodles, paper towel rolls, or rolled up towels with a couple feet between each

Take a lap on a bicycle, tricycle or scooter

WEAVE (dash around objects):
Position cones, 2-liters of soda, or other objects in a straight line or zig-zag

Challenge friends or family members to run the obstacle course in as little time as possible. Use a stopwatch, a stopwatch app on your smartphone, or count how long it takes for each person to complete the course.

What were your favorite obstacles? How can you make the obstacles more difficult?

Why does that happen?

Strenuous physical activity, like running and jumping, requires more oxygen to be taken in by our bodies to power our muscles. When you exercise, your body responds to the demand for more oxygen by increasing your breathing rate, depth of breathing, and heart rate.

Still Wondering?
What happens when you do the obstacle course five times in a row? How about adding some water obstacles? Fill water balloons and toss them at a target. Or create a slip and slide using a plastic sheet or tarp, plenty of water, and a little dish soap!


Preschool - Age 8

Ages 9 - 13

Ages 18 and up

These reading lists were provided by McBride Memorial Library in Berwick, PA.