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Eating nutritious food helps your body perform at its best. Our bodies use nutrients from food to fuel the thousands of bodily processes happening every minute without us even knowing it!

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Maker Activity


Measuring a Balanced Diet!
A food scale is a great tool to have in your kitchen to ensure you're controlling the portions of food you eat. Build a simple food scale with the following!

Hands on!

  • A plastic clothes hanger with slots or hooks at both sides
  • Yarn or kite string
  • 2 plastic cups (12oz or 16oz)
  • 25-50 pennies
  • A roll of masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Various food products with nutritional labels: dry beans, grapes, blueberries, uncooked spaghetti, crackers, etc.
  • A door or your finger if a door is unavailable

Cut eight strands of yarn in equal length of 10 inches. Place an inch-long piece of tape to the ends of each strand. One by one, attach the ends of four strands to the top inch of one cup with tape, making sure the strands are evenly spaced around the cup. Do the same with the second cup.

Tie or tape the first cup's strands to one slot or hook of the hanger. Do the same with the second cup on the other slot or hook. Hang the hanger on a door knob and make sure the cups are hanging at the same level. Adjust the cups' strings as necessary so that the cups are even and upright.

Read the nutritional label of your chosen food product to find the designated serving size, often listed in grams or ounces. Each penny dated 1983 onward weighs 2.5 grams or 0.0881 ounce (pennies prior to 1983 weigh 3.1 grams or 0.10 ounce). Divide the serving size listed by the weight of one penny to determine how many pennies are needed to weigh the same as the serving size. For instance, a serving size of 50 grams would be 20 pennies (50/2.5=20).

Fill one cup with the number of pennies weighing the same as the serving size. Fill the other cup with your chosen food product, adding to it or subtracting from it until the cups hang evenly once again.

What food weighed the most amount of pennies? Why do certain foods weigh more than others?

Why does that happen?

Balance scales work by gravity, using a lever or horizontal beam that rests on a fulcrum or pivot point at its center. The hanger acts like a lever. Scale pans (or in this case, plastic cups) are suspended from each end of the lever or beam. When one pan holds more mass than the other pan, the center of gravity of the lever is thrown off, causing the lever to tilt to the heavier side. Only when both pans contain the same amount of mass will the center of gravity be restored to the pivot point and both pans will hang evenly.

Still Wondering?
Research the weight of other coins online such as nickels, quarters, dimes, or coins from other countries. Using these alternative coins, measure the same serving size of foods and compare the number of coins it takes to measure the same serving size.


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