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destiny davey

2 months ago


i have all ways wondered why are lemons sour or why are they yellow. Well now i have a answer. Why are they sour? Because the organic citric acid in the lemon makes it sour. Why are they yellow because that means they are ripe lime tern yellow when there fully rip surprising right well i fond this out the day i am writing this i have been doing a lot of studding on this topic for school i am doing a article on it for school.


3 months ago


I never thought earning Wonder Cards will make you feel so proud, but now I know they do! Wondoropolis is amazing :D I've already earned quite a bit of Wonder Cards, and I've only been a member for a day!


3 months ago

Wonderpolis is amazing

Wonderpolis is amazing, i have the app on my ipad at school but we cannot make an account so i checked it out and I love it